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We approach selling driveshafts online no different than selling across the counter to a local customer.

  • Offer only top quality parts with driveshafts built in the USA.
  • Build driveshafts that outperform the customer’s engineering requirements so they run smooth and perform for miles.
  • Provide helpful technical advice in a friendly, un-rushed way that makes the customer feel valued.

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Action Machine Inc, Roger Klinedinst & Dick Sayer



Action Machine was started almost 50 years ago by three tool and die makers who began by building performance engines and the driveshafts that went with them. Their expertise in materials, engineering and welding laid the foundation for the premium quality driveshafts that you can buy today from Action Machine.
Just like any tool and die maker would insist on, our incoming parts are audited to ensure they are built to spec. Our manufacturing equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure quality. Every employee is empowered to stop production for any reason that may affect quality. Our employees are passionate about building driveshafts that far exceed OEM straightness and balance specs – spending extra time during the build more than pays for itself with no vibration returns and customers who come back time and time again.


Guaranteed Quality

All of our driveshafts come with a lifetime weld warranty and a lifetime guarantee that you will not twist our tube. All of our individual components, whether sold in a complete driveshaft or purchased separately, come with a one year warranty. Read our full warranty policy. It is not hard to offer a warranty this broad if we build shafts the right way and right here in the USA.


We look forward to the opportunity to help you with your project. We think you will appreciate the ‘Local Shop Values’ that stand behind every driveshaft.


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Shop Driveshaft Parts

Driveshaft Parts
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In addition to driveshafts for cars and pick-up trucks, we also build shafts for many other types of applications. Find more information on all of our driveshafts below.

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