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Driveshaft Repair and Service

Action Machine can solve your worst driveshaft problems.

Spline Repair


Action Machine does more than simply sell new driveshafts.  We offer a wide variety of driveshaft repair options for cars, trucks, agriculture and industrial applications.  A vibration, broken u-joint or worn slip yoke doesn’t always mean you need a new driveshaft.  We can often times repair your old driveshaft for less than the cost of a new one.  Customers from all over the United States send their driveshafts here for service.  Our combination of quality parts, expert service and quick turnaround keep customers coming back. 

How do I know if I have a driveshaft problem?

Symptoms of a worn or damaged driveshaft most commonly show up in the form of vibrations – shaking felt in the driver’s seat, steering wheel or floorboards.  You may also hear clunking noises at start up or shifts which often is caused by worn universal joints.  Worn double cardan CVs can make a chirping noise when the driveshaft rotates.  Sometimes driveshaft angle problems on lifted or modified vehicles can cause vibration or noise.  Many vibrations, shakes and noises can be the sign of a driveshaft issue. 

Driveshaft Balancing

Out of balance driveshafts and their annoying vibrations not only make your vehicle uncomfortable to drive, they can cause premature wear to your transmission and rear end.  Car, pick up, heavy truck and industrial shafts can all be high speed balanced to eliminate vibration.  We start with a careful inspection of all mating parts to ensure the problem is not caused by worn or improperly installed components.  Driveshafts are carefully straightened before balancing.  A driveshaft running on its true centerline balances with less weight and runs smoother across all RPMs. 

Driveshaft Balancing

 Action Machine is known nationally as multi-piece driveshaft balancing experts.  We can eliminate driveshaft induced vibrations in large driveshaft assemblies in semi trucks, RVs, and box trucks by assembly balancing the complete driveline system all at once.  Most shops only balance these large shafts one at a time.  Assembly balancing a 2, 3 or 4 piece driveshaft set makes a big difference in eliminating driveshaft noise and vibration. 

Shorten or Lengthen Driveshaft

Swapping the rear end or the transmission can cause your driveshaft to no longer fit.  No problem with Action Machine!  We can shorten or lengthen your steel or aluminum driveshaft.  For measurement instructions, check the instructions here:


CV Head Repair

Photo of H Yoke CV and High Speed CV

We can repair both H-Yoke style constant velocity (CV) driveshafts as well as high speed CV type.  H-Yoke style shafts can be a challenge to repair without the proper tools.  Save yourself some bruised knuckles and have the pros at Action Machine rebuild and balance your CV driveshaft. 

    Part Replacement


    Fits 1350 Series applications.  Non-greasable, outside snap ring u-joint.  Same U-joint as the old Spicer part number 5-799X.


    We can replace your worn or broken yokes! Do you have a clunking sound when acceleration or decelerating? You may have a worn out slip or weld yoke. Worn ujoints can eat into yoke ears causing a major driveshaft failure.

    To check for worn yokes, grab the driveshaft close to each yoke and move the driveshaft in all directions.  If you feel excessive play, you may need a new yoke.

    Bring in your driveshaft  for a free quote or give us a call.

    Slip Yoke Replacement 

    We replace u-joints! If you notice a vibration or clunking from under your vehicle it could be time to change your u-joints. Waiting too long to change a worn u-joint can lead to a major driveshaft failure which can be very dangerous and costly. 

    To check for worn u-joints, grab the driveshaft near the u-joint you want to inspect and use some force to move the driveshaft up/down and side to side.  If you see or feel any movement in the u-joint then you should have the u-joint changed.  Sometimes u-joint wear is more subtle and can't be seen until the caps are removed.  In the photo below you can see an extreme example of brinelling which is when the bearing needles wear grooves into the u-joint trunnion.  These grooves cause vibrations. 

    Most u-joints can changed in our shop while you wait or UPS your shaft to us for service.

      U-Joint Replacement

    We replace carrier bearings! Does your driveline shudder, howl or squeal when accelerating from a stop? Bearings wear and the rubber dries and cracks - all leading to carrier bearing failure.  Replace worn carrier bearings before they fail to avoid costly repairs. 

    To check for a worn carrier bearing, grab the driveshaft near the bearing and push it in various directions - you should feel limited movement in all directions.  If you can remove the driveshaft to inspect the bearing, it should spin smoothly and freely.  If the bearing feels dry or the center bearing balls can wiggle when moved, it is time for service. 

    Most carrier bearings can be replaced in our shop while you wait or send your shaft to us via UPS for quick turnaround.

    Carrier bearing replacement


    Ready to Get Started?

    We want to help!  Send us your driveshaft.  The Action Machine driveshaft pros will work one on one with you to provide a quote for the required repairs before work begins.   Sure, you will have some costs to ship the driveshaft to us.  But you can be assured that repairs and modifications done at Action Machine will be completed correctly the first time using only the highest quality parts – ensuring a smooth ride for miles to come.

    If you have any questions we are here to help: 
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