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4x4 & Lifted Trucks

4 x 4 and Lifted Trucks

The rough driving conditions and high angles encountered in many 4 x 4 and lifted truck applications demands a well built drive shaft with the right components.  An Action Machine 4 x 4 Driveshaft will ensure that your a driveshaft that will hold up for the long haul and run smoothly.  Without the proper driveshaft, you could have vibration problems or a broken shaft out in the middle of nowhere.

Action Machine has been building 4 x 4 shafts for over 32 years.  We have the experience and a huge inventory of parts to help you with all of your truck driveshaft needs.  For angle problems, let us help you with an Action Machine CV Driveshaft.  For the strongest 4 x 4 driveshaft, talk to us about upgrading your driveshaft to a bigger Series like our 1350 Series.  Bigger U-Joints and yokes will make you less likely to be stuck out in the mud!

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