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Casting Number vs Part Numbers

A Note about Casting Numbers: casting numbers are not correlated to part numbers. One casting (number) can be the base for many different products. Casting numbers can also change depending on many factors. Always check your measurements. 

Transmission Slip Yoke
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Slip Yokes

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Casting Number ▼ Part Number ▼
C2-3-819 2-3-128KX
N/A 2-3-1331X
C2-3-2699 2-3-4441KX
C-234951 N2-3-4871X
SPR2299 2-3-5281X
C2-3-1139 2-3-5981X
C-234681 N2-3-6041X
SPR1089 2-3-6041X
C2-3-1169 2-3-6081X
Spicer 8F10 2-3-7171KX Obsolete
088D17 2-3-7661K
5015652 2-3-7681KX
SPR1089 2-3-7961KX
B206 2-3-7961KX
5015601 2-3-7981KX
SPR14 2-3-8001KX
5005946 2-3-8021KX
C-237481 N2-3-8041KX
C-237481 N2-3-10201X
C2-3-2339 2-3-10621KX
C3-3-529-6 2-3-10791X
C2-3-2609 2-3-12051X
C2-2629-SPR 2-3-12081X
C2-3-3089 2-3-12881X
C2-3-2519 2-3-13051X
C2-3-2659-3 2-3-14031X
C2-2809-SPR 2-3-14061X
C3-3-529-6 3-3-02231X
C3-3-879-1 3-3-468KX
5003590 3-3-508KX
C3-3-719-1 3-3-5481KX
C3-3-319 3-3-598KX
C3-3-309 3-3-1601KX
C3-3-879 3-3-1641KX
5653-1 3-3-2041KX
C3-3-319 3-3-2431X
C3-3-329 3-3-2471KX
C3-3-329 3-3-2591KX
C3-3-529-4 3-3-2701KX
C3-3-789 3-3-2801KX
C3-3-789 3-3-3931X
C3-3-649-2 3-3-4281X
C3-3-659-2 3-3-4391X
5015593 3-3-5411KX
5015593 3-3-5491X
C3-3-529-1 3-3-5551X
C3-3-529-4 3-3-5571X
1601 N3-3-6021X
C3-3-859 3-3-6061X