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Measuring Guide

Measuring Guides

We worked hard to make it easy for you to measure your driveshaft. Listed below are links to simple-to-follow instructions on how to measure a driveshaft or individual component like u-joints or yokes. All of the instructions have photos of actual parts to make it easy for you to get the exact custom drive shaft or part you need -- the first time!

Measuring Tips
  1. A tape measure is OK for measuring the overall length of a driveshaft. However to measure anything else, you should use either a 6" ruler/scale or calipers. Be careful with your measurements because small errors could result in the wrong part.
  2. To measure for a driveshaft, your vehicle should have the rear wheels on the ground or supported on 2 safety stands before you measure.
  3. When measuring u-joint width, be sure that the caps are on and fully compressed. If the u-joint is out of the end yoke, it can help to use a vice or clamp.
  4. If you have questions, call or email us for any help.