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Steel Driveshafts

Steel Custom Driveshaft

Action Machine custom drive shafts are built to meet your specific needs and built to last.Tubing material and thickness, U Joint type, and component selection can all be varied to match your driving conditions and vehicle performance. Driveshafts are checked in special computer software to ensure that shaft design, dimensions, and critical speeds will suit your application. If it won’t work, we’ll tell you "No" before we’ll sell you something that we know will break.

Steel Weld Driveshaft

Before any shaft is balanced, the tube is straightened to tolerances that are less than half that of OEM specs. With a straighter tube, the driveshaft will spin closer to its exact centerline so it needs less balance weight and minimizes the possibility for drive shaft “whip” at higher RPMs. Balancing the shaft is then easy with straight tube. Our shafts are high speed balanced on the latest driveline manufacturing equipment with balance weight allowances far less than OEM specs.


All steel driveshafts are made from the finest driveline quality tubing which makes our driveshaft stronger and straighter from the start compared to regular cold rolled tubing. Steel is our most popular material choice due to its versatility, high strength and economical price.


Replacement or repair of your original drive shaft.Our high strength steel driveshafts can be custom designed for:

  • Light & Medium Duty Trucks for box / flat bed trucks, motor homes and vans.

  • Performance, street rods, and circle track cars.

  • Heavy Duty Truck and semi diesel tractor applications.
  • Multiple piece driveshafts for trucks, vans and motor homes.
  • 4 x 4 trucks.

Remember that we can help you upgrade the performance of your driveshaft by increasing the U-Joint series and tubing size.

Jeep Steel Driveshaft Replacement

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