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Aluminum Driveshaft

When you need a drive shaft that is light weight, can handle higher torque loads and can give you a nice polish finish, then consider an Action Machine aluminum driveshaft.  The Action Machine aluminum driveshaft is ideally suited for street rods, show cars, race cars and as OEM aluminum replacements.  While other driveline shops may use .065" or .083" wall tubing for their aluminum driveshafts, we insist on using .125" wall tube for superior strength and vibration resistance.  Our driveshaft provides the best in aluminum performance no matter your application.


 Action Machine Inc. 
Quality Aluminum Tubbing
.125 Wall Aluminum
.083 Wall or Thinner


Precise construction is critical to a well performing driveshaft - especially for aluminum.  Sub-quality components, tubing even slightly out of tolerance or a poorly balanced driveshaft can all lead to major vibration problems or worse – a total driveline failure.  Action Machine is one of a handful of companies in the world whose commitment to quality drove us to complete Spicer’s intensive dynamic reverse torsion fatigue testing requirements.  Our aluminum driveshafts are Dana Spicer tested for torsional load strength, weld penetration/quality, and overall manufacturing quality.  Look at some of our competitors and it will be easy to see that you can pay more for an aluminum driveshaft. However, a higher price does not mean a better shaft.  Our quality is second to none and we have done the testing to prove it.

Our aluminum driveshafts are made with .125" wall 6061 – T6 DOM aluminum tube.  This provides the optimal combination of aluminum quality, torsional strength, long term durability and clean finish.  All yokes are forged 6061—T6 aluminum and individually machined to attain the best fit and performance.  We never use cast aluminum.  Our aluminum shafts come in 3", 3.5", 4", 4.5" and 5” OD tubing.

Aluminum Weld


Consider one of our 4 to 5" diameter aluminum driveshafts to replace your OEM pick-up truck driveshaft.  The lighter weight allows the aluminum shaft to be longer and cover the same distance as a steel 2 piece shaft.  The one piece aluminum shaft eliminates the common problems of vibration and constantly wearing center bearings associated with some trucks.  Call us today for your OEM replacement aluminum driveshaft for your Dodge, Ford, or Chevrolet truck.

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