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Wing Bearing U-Joint Identifier

Wing Bearing Style U-Joint
Measuring Diagram and Series Chart

The wing bearing u-joint series classifies the size of the universal joint based on the pilot diameter, the distance between the bolt holes and key way width. Wing style u-joint caps bolt on a machined face and key way.  Note: the RPL style does not have a machined face with key way. 

Pilot Diameter: 
Pilot diameter measurement is taken over the outside of the wing bearing caps. Prior to taking measurements fully compress the bearing caps. 

Between Bolts:
Centerline of bolt hole to centerline of bolt hole on each bearing.

Cap Type:
The medium and heavy duty U-joints come in five different styles:

Low Wing Threaded (LWT), Low Wing Drilled (LWD), High Wing Threaded (HWT), High Wing Drilled (HWD),  Delta Wing Threaded (TBC/DWT)

 Wing Bearing U-Joint Series Chart

We recommend using a caliper or micrometer to most accurately measure u-joints. U-joint caps must be compressed when measuring dimension over the caps. Once you have recorded your measurements, refer to the dimensional chart to find your u-joint series.

 Series Pilot Diameter (IN.) Between Bolts (IN.) Cap Type
2C 3.125 1.312 LWD, LWT
3C 3.562 1.438 LWT
4C 4.250 1.438 LWT, HWD, HWT
5C 4.531 1.688 LWT, HWD, DWT/TBC
6C 5.531 1.688 LWT, HWD, DWT/TBC
7C 5.844 1.938 LWT, HWD, DWT/TBC
8.5C 6.500 2.812 LWT, HWD, DWT/TBC
9C 8.250 2.812 HWD, HWT
10C 8.374 3.626 HWD
10.5C 8.750 3.500 HWD
11C 8.750 3.500
12C 11.374 3.626
12.5 11.024 3.622
14C 13.339 5.310
14.5C 12.204 4.213
15C 10.235 3.936 HWD