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Inside Snap Ring & Wing Bearing U-Joint Identifier

Inside Snap Ring & Wing Bearing U-Joint

The u-joint series is specific to each cross measurement as described below based on the cap diameter and span over the crosses.  

Inside Snap Ring Cross

Cap Diameter:
When measuring the u-joint cap, measuring the bearing cap diameter. If you are measuring the end yoke, measure the width of the opening where the cap sits in the yoke.

When measuring the u-joint, compress the caps and measure from the snap ring groove to snap ring groove. If measuring the end yoke, measure from the inside flat of one yoke ear to the inside flat of the other ear.

Wing Bearing Cross 

Pilot Diameter: 
Pilot diameter measurement is taken over the outside of the wing bearing caps. Prior to taking measurements fully compress the bearing caps. 

Between Bolts:
Centerline of bolt hole to centerline of bolt hole on each bearing.

Cap Type:
The medium and heavy duty U-joints come in five different styles: Low Wing Threaded (LWT), Low Wing Drilled (LWD), High Wing Threaded (HWT), High Wing Drilled (HWD),  Delta Wing Threaded (TBC/DWT)

Inside Snap Ring & Wing Bearing U-Joint Sizes and Series

We recommend using a caliper or micrometer to most accurately measure u-joints. U-joint caps must be compressed when measuring dimension over the caps. Once you have recorded your measurements, refer to the dimensional charts by u-joint type.

 Series Width
Cap Diameter
Pilot Diameter
Between Bolts
2CRL / 2R 2.344 Inch 1.000 Inch 3.125 Inch 1.312 Inch
3CRL / S44
2.752 Inch 1.125 Inch 3.559 Inch 1.437 Inch
3CRL / 3R 2.562 Inch 1.125 Inch 3.562 Inch 1.438 Inch
5C 3.312 Inch 1.312 Inch 4.531 Inch 1.688 Inch