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Dodge Ram Driveshaft U-Joint Identifier - 1550/1555

Find What Series U-Joint Fits Your Dodge Ram Driveshaft.

Driveshaft u-joint look up tool.

Quickly find your stock vehicle's u-joint series by selecting your year, make, model and vehicle details

Be sure to verify all vehicle details in your final selection before purchase including transmission, wheel base, cab style, etc. 

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Universal Joint Diagram

Outside U-joint Measuring Guide
End yoke outside U-joint

If measuring the u-joint, compress the caps and measure from outside of cap to outside of cap. If measuring an end yoke, measure from inside of tab to inside of tab.  If you do not see a tab as shown, then you have an inside snap ring u-joint.

Cap Diameter:
If measuring the u-joint, simply measure the u-joint cap.  If you are measuring the end yoke, measure the width of the opening where the cap sits in the yoke.

Outside Snap Ring U-joint Sizes and Series

 Series Width (IN.) Cap Diameter. (IN.)
1550 / 1555* 4.969 / 4.946 1.375 / 1.375
* 1415, 1485, 1555 only found on Chrysler and some GM vehicles with American Axle built driveshafts.