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OEM Driveshaft Not Cataloged - Form


Your vehicles driveshaft is not cataloged.

Action Machine is looking for new vehicles to catalog and expand our driveshaft inventory. We have a few ways we can get you back up and running in no time. If you have a stock vehicle and would like a stock driveshaft we offer a hassle free driveshaft exchange program. You send in your driveshaft and we will pay 100% the shipping. See below for "Hassle Free Cataloging".

Have you lost your driveshaft? We have options for you too. We will need you to take a few simple measurements off your Vehicle.  See below "Custom Driveshafts"

Is your Vehicle lifted leveled or modified? See below "Custom Driveshafts"

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Options for building you a driveshaft:


Hassle Free Cataloging - Contact Us

Are you interested in having your stock vehicle’s driveshaft quoted? Fill in the information below and we will send you a free overnight shipping label for your original driveshaft. Simply box it up and drop off at your nearest UPS location.  Once received and cataloged we will send you a quote for a new driveshaft.

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Design A Shaft - Contact Us

Have you lost your driveshaft or do you need an upgrade from the standard OEM shaft? We have you covered. We can upgrade your driveshaft and make it stronger by stepping up the U-joint series, increasing the tube diameter and changing the material. Fill in the information below and we will send you a quote.

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