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Driveshaft Repair

Driveshaft Repair
Do you want an economical alternative to buying a new drive shaft? Just because you change out your car's rear end or your old driveshaft is not performing like it used to does not mean that you need to buy a new shaft. Action Machine can help you with all of your driveshaft alteration and repair needs.
If you are having vibrations or frequent driveshaft problems, we can help you determine why the drive shaft is failing in the first place. Resolving the cause of the failure will help make this repair - the last repair.
While the driveshaft is out, we can also work with you to make the driveshaft stronger by making adjustments to the U Joint series or upgrading components. Making your drive shaft stronger does not always mean a lot more expense so be sure to ask us how we can help.
A few of the repairs that Action Machine can help you with include:
• Shorten drive shaft
• Stretch / Lengthen drive shaft
• Straighten and High Speed Balance
• Replace damaged yokes
• Change out UJoints
• Replace Carrier Bearings on 2 piece shaft
• Retubing driveshaft
• CV Head repair
• Upgrading drive shaft performance
To get your driveshaft repaired, send it to us along with a detailed list of what you want us to do. Once we receive the shaft, we will contact you before the work is started with a list of the repairs and costs for your approval. With Action Machine, you always know exactly what you are getting for your repair money.