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Reverse Engineer

Reverse Engineering


It is easy to reproduce a part if you have a long lead time and a detailed print.  The true test of a machinist’s skills show when there is no print, the customer’s key manufacturing machine is down and you need the part now.  Many of our customers use our  "Part to Print" Reverse Engineering service for old equipment that no longer has prints available or when their equipment manufacturers will not provide a print of their machine components.

When you do not have a print, Action Machine can help you determine the proper materials and critical design elements of the component based on the part’s current material & hardness, mechanical function, past maintenance issues, and expected life. We can also help you make improvements to the old design to reduce the chance for breakdown in the future.  With our “Part to Print” Reverse Engineering service, we will make a print of your part using our CAD/CAM design system. 

Once the project is completed, we will provide you a copy of the print for your files.  We also save a copy at our facility to make the next production run quicker and cost less.

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