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Performance Vehicle

Performance Vehicle

Whether you have a street rod, race car, muscle car, or classic car, insist on the quality of an Action Machine built driveshaft. Our drive shaft will ensure that all of the power and torque of the engine that you carefully built is smoothly and safely transferred to the rear axle.

Action Machine’s roots go back over 33 years when we started as an automotive speed shop – building and repairing engines for everyone from professional racing teams to garage mechanics.  Like all shops in the “good ol’ days”, drive shafts were built in a lathe and stick welded by hand.  As our reputation grew among car enthusiasts for high quality, durable, reasonably priced driveshafts, we added on an entire division to the company dedicated just to building and repairing drive shafts.  With our growth, has come new technology to allow us to make the highest quality drive shafts available.  Action Machine uses state-of-the-art Axi-Line driveshaft manufacturing equipment.  The machine helps the operator to build, automatically weld, and then high speed balance each shaft.  Remember that our tolerances for tube runout and drive shaft balance are less than half that of a conventional OEM shaft.   

Since each drive shaft is custom built, we have the opportunity to help you pick the right material to match the car’s performance and your budget.  Action Machine can make your Performance driveshaft from Steel or Aluminum depending on your needs.  Want to make it stronger?  Talk to us about going up to our 1350 series driveshafts, increasing your tube size, or convert the shaft to our 6061 aluminum shaft. Complete the Driveshaft Measuring Guide and we will handle the rest!

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