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Page 3 (O) 2WD _SPLINE SHAFT_ u-joint & material *** Custom one piece driveshafts with slip yoke - order form

Page 3 (O) 2WD
- Custom one piece driveshafts with slip yoke: what is your u-joint and material

Custom One Piece Driveshaft - with slip yoke

Custom One Piece Driveshaft Identifier.

Click the buttons below to find your custom driveshaft. This is page 1 and you will pick your transmission or transfers case make, and then model. If you do not know your model you can select your spline count instead.

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U-Joint Quick Reference Guide:

All Action Machine Inc. driveshafts are built with Premium Dana/Spicer, Non-Greasable U-joints

Outside Snap Ring U-joint

Inside U-joint snap ring guideOutside U-joint Measuring Guide

Series Width Cap Diameter Max HP
1410 4 - (4.188) 1 -  (1.188) 1200
Full Outside Snap Ring Measuring Guide


Output type: Slip Yoke | Drive Type: 2WD | Transmission Make: General Motors | Transmission Catagory (O) | U-Joint 1410

What material you like your driveshaft made from?

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Output Type: Slip Yoke X
Drive Type: 2WD / RWD X
Transmission Make: General Motors X
Transmission Model: 32 Spline / 1.378" Barrel X
U-joint Size: 1410 X




Driveshaft Material Guide: 1410 Series


Steel Driveshaft with Slipyoke

Tube Diameter Max Custom Length:
3.0 Inch Up to 56 inches - Center to Center of U-Joint
3.5 Inch Up to 61 Inches - Center to Center of U-Joint
4.0 Inch Up to 68 Inches - Center to Center of U-Joint

Tube Material: 0.083 Inch Wall DOM Seamless

Steel is our most popular material choice due to its versatility, high strength and economical price. 


Aluminum Driveshaft With Slipyoke

Tube Diameter Max Custom Length
4.0 Inch Up to 72.5 inches - Center to Center of U-Joint
5.0 Inch Up to 85.75 inches - Center to Center of U-Joint

Tube Material: 0.125 Inch Wall 6061-T6 Seamless

Aluminum is lightweight, can handle higher torque loads and can give you a nice polish finish

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