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RV & Bus Driveshaft

RV & Bus Driveshafts

2 piece driveshaft

Action Machine is the driveshaft leader in manufacturing, repair and component sales to the Recreational Vehicle and Shuttle Bus industry. Action Machine’s Northern Indiana location has us centrally located to service many of the largest RV and Bus manufacturers and supporting businesses in the country.  We supply both drive shaft parts and complete driveshaft assemblies.

Action Machine works with chassis builders of all types to assist in designing new drive shaft assemblies, manufacturing new driveshafts, stretching and shortening existing driveshafts, sourcing parts and managing inventory for timely delivery of shafts and components.  We also provide engineering support to our customers when needed to troubleshoot driveshaft design issues, vibrations or other manufacturing issues.

Working with the manufacturers puts us in a unique position to better assist the end users as well. Action Machine understands the vehicle chassis problems associated with drive shafts and can help vehicle owners resolve issues with your driveshaft for a smooth running motor home, bus or vehicle of any type. We work with the complex multi piece driveshafts everyday and system balance our driveshafts to assure you a vibration-free driveshaft.
Class A Motorhome Class C Motorhome Shuttle Bus