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Replacement Driveshaft
No matter the vehicle make, model, or type, Action Machine can build a new replacement driveshaft that will meet or exceed the specs of your OEM shaft. We work with customers everyday to duplicate their driveshaft's components, measurements and configuration. In the process, you'll end up with a better performing drive shaft than a new OEM shaft because we straighten and balance our shafts to tolerances half that of the OEM shafts. This provides for a smoother running driveshaft which means less vibration and stress on your transmission and rear end.
Action Machine can make your Replacement driveshaft from Steel or Aluminum. We can match your existing material or talk to one of our drive shaft experts about changing it for improved performance. Also if you feel that your existing driveshaft is not strong enough, we can help you make it stronger by stepping up the driveshaft series (Going from 1310 to 1330 Series) or tube size, for example. See our Driveshaft FAQ for more advice on making a stronger drive shaft or just give us a call.