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Multi Piece

Multi Piece Driveshafts
1610 Series 2 piece driveshaft
2 Piece 1480 Driveshaft

Two piece driveshaft. Three Piece driveshaft. Four Piece driveshaft.  Five Piece driveshaft.  Whatever the multi piece configuration, Action Machine can build or repair the shafts.  Being in the heart of the recreational vehicle manufacturing capital of the world in Northern Indiana, we help the RV industry build new and repair hundreds of multi piece driveshafts every year.  Action Machine also works with trucking and package delivery companies to repair and build multi piece drive shafts. 

All multi piece driveshafts are system balanced at road speed RPMs to ensure smooth, vibration-free performance.  System balancing means that all shafts are balanced as a unit so that the drive shafts all work together to deliver the power.  Like our one piece drive shafts, the Action Machine tolerances for balancing multi piece driveshafts are half that of OEM standards.  This fact is even more important when working with multi piece shafts because poorly straightened and balanced shafts can cause vibrations to be amplified as they travel down the long distances.

While you are considering a new driveshaft, talk to one of our driveshaft experts about upgrading your multi piece driveshaft to a bigger and stronger driveline Series for even more reliable performance.