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Light - Heavy Truck

Medium & Heavy Duty Truck 1610 2 piece driveshaft with end yoke close up
Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty Trucks, Box Trucks and Diesel Semi Tractor driveshafts take a lot of abuse when used in a commercial application.  The heavy loads, high torque loads and varied driving surfaces requires a driveshaft  with top quality components, careful attention to weld quality and precision balanced for a smooth ride.  Even though it is not required, Action Machine balances our big semi tractor driveshafts to the same tight tolerances as our race car driveshafts.  Our philosophy has always been to take care of the folks who are earning a living with their truck.  This means building the shaft to last and getting it right the first time.
Action Machine builds and services the full line of driveshafts for Semi Tractors, Box Trucks, Dump Trucks including 1550, 1610, 1710, 1810 Series driveshafts, the Spicer SPL Series drive shafts SPL100, SPL140, SPL170, SPL250, Rockwell / Meritor Wing Bearings and RPL20 and RPL25 Series drive shafts.  We also stock a full line of end yokes, transmission yokes, U-Joints and drive shaft components for all truck types.
Spicer 1810 Series Driveshaft New and Rebuilt
Meritor RPL Style Driveshaft New and Rebuilt
Semi Truck Driveshafts New and Rebuilt
Box Truck Medium Duty Driveshafts New and Rebuilt
Dump Truck Driveshafts New and Rebuilt